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Verse inspired while I watched horses grazing on the meadow above my home. It was Autumn 2013, the evening was quiet and peaceful and it got me thinking

On Upper Meadow by Clive Williams

It was a moment on upper meadow
late sun dipping the crest
and me against a rusty gate
a stunted apple twisted and wild
and trodden cider in the air

shadows slid across
flint kicked chalk strewn warrens
padded hard by feet of the night
where thrushes feed on straw gold snails
and rabbit roads wind nettled and white

on the meadow crest
up where they found a Saxon hand
clutching a silver coin
up where a thousand years before others saw as I
four horses graze the chill field shade

and snort warm air
and swish a tail
and twitch a flank
and mark the moment with a hind hoof stamp
and heavy eyes like deep dark pools

we did not see how they came
but a startled blackbird burst from blackthorn
all heads came up on full alert
the air charged with animal uncertainty
a group of deer were on their meadow

and in that moment I joined their world
knew their thoughts and tasted the sky
heard trees whisper as the breeze brushed by
warm scent of earth and unseen life
where poppy seeds sleep and wait their turn

Then began their game of chance
each one reading the others stance
and my heart was with theirs and my senses sang
go gently good souls live softly today
then others may learn to follow your way

and a thousand years on
I shall watch from the crest
four horses graze then meet their test
as a herd of deer emerge from the wood
love life love gentle be seen to be good

copyright Clive Williams © 2013

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