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I had been struggling with this idea for about a year and it all just fell into place early this morning as I watched the Winter sun paint the crest of the hill a buttercup yellow against a slate blue sky. It made me think - well isn't life good and maybe we should treat stones with a bit more respect!


by Clive Williams

Still that small stone lies in my pocket
and my fingers roll and turn it without thinking
like the brook that tumbled and polished its
face to a smooth butterscotch hue

It had stopped for a while on a sandy ledge
where the water widens and slows
and gleamed like a jewel at my feet
as if it was pleased to meet me

anyway, I picked it up and it made me smile
you don’t have to have a reason to smile
but there was something - something else
as I turned it over in my hand

it seemed to say, Hi there fellow traveller
you seem OK, what’s your story?
well I know what you're thinking
but we both had a story of sorts

and we are both come from the cosmos
and all that stellar stuff
then life comes along and this time
I am me and my friend is a pebble

well there’s a thought enough to make you smile
as if it wasn’t enough to have a pebble for a friend
but when we are all gone down to dust again
what journey will we go on then?

what stories we could tell
when that life force rolls us around again
and we meet another fellow traveller somehow
and we smile and feel good

and say, Hi there fellow traveller,
you seem OK, What's your story?

copyright Clive Williams © 2015

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