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Verse inspired by the childlike thrill I still get each time the first snowflakes appear and how the world goes on offering more and more. December 2015

Imagine     by Clive Williams  

some time every winter
those first whirling snowflakes
float down from a lead coloured sky

and in spite of the downside
which I know only too well
I hope it will settle or lay - however you say

then come the large flakes
great chunky beefy bunches
which like to dress the branches

and in the morning sun
the garden is another world
of frozen stillness and white powdered light

and the glittering birch tree
droops her twigs of filigree lace
and a silence lays thick with the snow

however hard you try to imagine
something with only half of this wonder
the world will always give you more

copyright Clive Williams © 2015

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