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Bradnor Hill

An interpretation in paint and verse of a day painting on Bradnor Hill near the Welsh hills, September 2009

On Bradnor Hill by Clive Williams

there is a place within my mind - cathedral like in majesty
whose soaring hawk describes its height upon the morning breeze
and bracken spiders spin their lives by rabbit nibbled aisles
my breath was caught on Bradnor Hill
words lost in awe as opal wisps of woodman's smoke
and hallowed splendour stilled my heart

and when we are gone away
and time robs man of youth and beauty
the spider still will turn its eye to distant folding hills
that lay as young lovers one with another forever folded in gentle embrace
and Summer clouds drift silken sheets of gold upon their limbs
then will we softly catch our breath
and hold the beauty in a memory - if you were there with me

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Clive Williams. The artwork shown is the property of Clive Williams (UK)  It is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written authorisation of Clive Williams.